Colleen McCullough writer

Colleen Mcullough the writer of the Thorn Birds died recently, i loved that book and read it many times i enjoyed the adaptation of the book made into a mini series

Yesterday i got an e mail saying the thorn birds book was available on KINDLE for just 49 pence i thought i would pass this on as some of you may be interested.

R I P Colleen and thankyou for your great talent that you shared with us all.


Oh, I remember reading that in my teens! It’s glorified soap-opera, I know, but I couldn’t put it down. Got it as a hand-me-down from my mum, who also hadn’t been able to put it down.

It would be interesting to see if I’d still find it as gripping today, or if it was a teen thing. For 49p, it wouldn’t be a big risk to find out!

I never thought the series was as good - they weren’t as I’d imagined them all.



thanks barbara

i’ll get it on my kindle because my mum loved it.

nothing like a bit of nostalgia!!

carole x

Thanks for the tip Barbara,i watched the series and loved it,i have it on DVD i havent read the book so i will get it on my kindle for 49p.

J x

RIP Colleen. As soon as I saw her name on the homepage I knew the books! I loved them but maybe teenage angst added something? I did love the TV series too but mostly for Richard Chamberlain as Father Ralph … I’m always a little disappointed at TV/film adaptations of books because they never quite match my imagination but he did love up to expectations :wink:

Tracey x

I read and loved the Thorn Birds when I was much younger. I’ve just bought it for 49p as backup reading for skiing holiday in half-term. Thanks for the tip.

Yes your right Richard Chamberalin was the hero of the series and the worst thing that they did was all the boys and Meggie had red hair except Frank who was not the natural child of her husband i just bought the book and look forward to reading it again.


I do hope you find it as good as you remember rereading a book is like going back to meet old friends i did enjoy the series but as you say its never as good as the book.


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Hope you enjoy it Barbara.xx

hope you enjoy the ski ing trip but dont let the book get in the way of ski ing i know when i get into a good book i cant put it down.


Hope you enjoy it carol Barbara.xx

I want to say a big thank you to Barbara for this post.

i loved the Thornbirds when I was much younger and I also love a bargain so 49p had me heading over to the kindle store. Whilst there I discovered Kindle Unlimited. For 7.99 a month you have unlimited access to books and audiobooks. I pay Audible (also owned by Amazon) for just one audiobook a month. Here I could pay 7.99 and listen to as many as I want. As I spend many hours listening this has to be a bargain. I’ve signed up for the trial month and am already half way through the first book - so thank you!