Collection of intermittent symptoms

Long time reader, first time poster. Basically I’ve been reading this forum for a while now whilst suspecting that I may have RRMS. This is made difficult by the fact I have partial epilepsy of the temporal lobe (mostly under control) which results in mildly-moderate focal seizures every now and again which last for seconds at a time and tend to come in batches that last for a day approx 5-6 times per year. Since being diagnosed in 2015 with epilepsy and started on medication, I noticed a couple of years after that my episodes of epilepsy (although now greatly reduced in frequency and intensity) would be accompanied by other strange sensations which at the time I attributed to the epilepsy. These would include mental fatigue, a loss of appetite, heightened sense of taste and an overactive bowel which I don’t know whether is flatulence with follow through or straight up incontinence. Over the last 3 years I’ve felt a weakness in the grip strength of my right hand which comes on intermittently (mostly first thing in the morning or at night) along with a very mild pulsing/numbness. This is gradually affecting my left hand too now although both my arms and legs have no weakness and feel fine. Add to this random and unexplained bouts of depression and anxiety that come on during these episodes and are like a fog which fills my brain with anxiety and makes me feel very agitated. This mental state can subside as easy as it can come on weirdly. Recently I feel I am very sensitive to cold and can find myself having cold chills even though it’s 13 degrees and I’m wearing a puffer jacket sometime resulting in a full body tremor. I find that when these symptoms come along, some diazepam and a good nights sleep usually takes it away until the next episode potentially weeks/months away. My posture has never been great so had an X-ray of cervical spine which showed no compression that could explain the intermittent weakness in fine motor skills. I’ve also had some eye twitching which also comes and goes but my prescription of specs and contact lenses have been way off for a while which may have caused that. Also my opticion says my optic nerves are perfectly healthy. I’m being referred to neurology and hoping to have an mri scan which might give a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Is anyone able to relate to these symptoms or have any experience with epilepsy masking a potential MS diagnosis or even an FND diagnosis that would tie in the focal seizures and some of the dissociative pangs/sensations that are not typically associated with MS? Also I’ve lost a LOT of weight over the last few months without doing anything different and diabetes has been ruled out even though my sugar is quite high.

This might seem like a bit much going on but the wait to see a specialist has all these thoughts of uncertainty racing through my mind. Coming on here definitely gives me something to chew over but with the sheer amount of differing symptoms people experience, it can confuse me even more. Sorry for the long post.

I would expect your GP to be very interesting in what’s going on for a person who loses a load of weight over a fairly short spell and with no explanation. The other stuff’s a puzzle for sure, but the weight loss is a heck of a puzzle. I don’t know what age you are, but I do know that there are a number of variants around Type 1 DM that can be harder to diagnose than straight Type 1. Has the GP suggested a specialist referral to a hospital endocrinologist? I am sorry that you are having a worrying time.

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Hi Alison thanks for the reply. I’ve only really noticed the weight loss recently although folk have been telling me for months that I’ve lost weight but I think once I go past a certain point I can see it in my face, lack of love handles etc which makes me take notice. From what I’ve been reading ms is more associated with weight gain which just confuses me further. It could be the chronic diarrhoea, under-active thyroid or malabsorption but who knows? What leads me to this forum and the suspicion of ms is the intermittent nature of the symptoms although I do understand that a lot of the individual symptoms do overlap with other benign conditions. I suppose the only way to get some clarity would be a scan and I’m thinking of going private if the waiting time on the nhs is too long.

Good plan. Usual thing is to get your GP to refer you for a private consult with a neurologist who is also a consultant at your local NHS hospital - makes any subsequent handover easier.