Colds-do they always end up needing antibiotics?

Hi I hope everyone had a good Christmas? I had a lovely break, in spite of this cold I’ve picked up that keeps on giving. Think it’s now on my chest, so will make a trip to the Gp in the next few days. This is the third cold I’ve had since I was dx and the third time I will need antibiotics to get it to shift. Last time it took two courses and an inhaler and I’m not asthmatic! Is this because of the ms? Had many colds over the years that have always just run their course. What is it that causes this to happen? Just curious and would like to understand this better. Many thanks

Hello anon

I don’t really get that many colds myself…I’m crossing my fingers & toes now

Do you have the yearly flu jab anon?

Have a look at your diet…make sure your eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg.

Take care, xxx

You have my sympathy. Colds are horrible but I must admit that since swallowing large quantities of vit D and B complex with the magnesium as prescribed by my GP I have not had a single sniffle. Even when everyone at work had streaming colds I managed somehow to avoid it. Could there be a connection between the vits and colds? As Blossom commented I do eat loads of fresh fruit and veg so maybe its diet too.

Thanks for your replies. Do eat lots of fruit and veg, got young children so need to set an example! Had my flu jab this year and take vit d3 and b12. daily, it seems they won’t sort themselves out anymore! Thought maybe there was a scientific reasoning behind it? Roll on summer!

Actually anon, you may be interested to know that I’ve read that people with ms get fewer colds. The reason is not known…what do you think about that? I’ve also read we get fewer cancers.

I’m full of good news today


I always thought a cold was a virus so no point in trying to treat it with antibiotics. The good news is that the body builds up immunity to colds so unlikely to have the same one twice. As I have got older I do seem to get fewer colds, touch wood.

Personally I do not think colds and MS are related in any way but you can learn new things all the time.