Cold Weather

Is anyone else affected by the cold weather and dark nights, I feel completely exhausted I went out today with Molly because it was her inset day…Why do schools have them??? We just nipped to Morrisons and looked in the charity shops in Frodsham and I feel completely worn out i’m soo tired. its ten past six and i want to go to bed.

Michelle x

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There’s nowt wrong with going to bed early. I get very cold when out, despite being swathed in layers. I always get into bed to thaw out! That could be as early as 2pm!

Snuggle down with a warm drink and a hottie!


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Hi Michelle

I detest the cold and the long dark nights, easy to feel down. I have been home all day, but can’t seem to get warm, even with a blanket and hot water bottle. I, for one, am unite prepared to forget Christmas and New Year…roll on Spring.

I don’t remember having inset days at school, but my daughter has 3 boys, all at different schools, and one or t’other is off for a day nearly every week…grandparents have wonderful uses!

Stay warm, tonight it is supposed to be VERY cold.

Pam x

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The last few weeks I’ve been so tired and can’t get warmed up at all. I’ve had more pain and stiffness than usual and my mood is so low. I put it all down to winter. Roll on the Spring I’m just not coping very well at all and feel like hibernating.

Mags xx


Hello, Michelle.

I am reluctant to go out in the cold. Having said that, I tramped a mile and a half up to the GP yesterday to drop off a prescription request. Before I left, I turned the heating up so when I returned it was bliss; hot tea and fig and apple in filo pastry. Now I’ve just realised I need shower gel and I missed the deadline for my Ocado delivery. Bed is always a good way of warming up but I know you had Molly with you. Blankets and DVDs?

Best wishes, Steve. x

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