Cold, virus, ms hug and other pain

Hi everyone

I have been trying to find out what triggered a particularly nasty symptom a few weeks ago. It was an intense pain from my back through to my ribs which left me in agony so much so that I considered calling an ambulance, it left me very frightened which I have now related to my nurse and my Neuro has advised my GP that I should have Clonazepam for this.

I have had this pain several times but not for a couple of years now. I belive it is called 'the ms hug'. I have muscle spasms around my ribs most of the time and take Amitriptyline and practise Alexander Technique, which seems to work pretty well, normally.

I did think it was some food which was the trigger but now wonder if it was the bad cold virius I had been suffering from at the time.

Can anyone else tell me if they have experienced acute nerve pain after suffering from a virus? Thank you for any replies.



Hi Wendy,

I'm sorry to say, I don't think there always is an obvious "trigger" for these things.  You can make yourself paranoid trying to work out if it's anything you did.

But it's probably not, and just one of those annoying things that happen sometimes with MS.

Last weekend, I had a really bad spasm - one of the worst ever!  And that was despite having recently increased my Baclofen.

Can I point to anything that did it?

No, I don't think so.  I hadn't done (or eaten) anything particularly out of the ordinary, and I wasn't ill otherwise.  Just "one of those things".