cold feet

To add my advice towards the current MS Matters subject concerning very cold feet i can very confidently say that my feet were a very unhealthy blue/purple colour and very cold until i began going to see a reflexologist at the MS centre. I see her once a week for a 1 hour appt. and since it started many months ago i learnt that it was the best treatment to have. I assume that some people won’t feel as i do but it is definitely worth a go. My reflexologist is now one of my friends and she even tells me if there is anything going on under my feet, such as discovering chill blains the other day! We both wish that we had taken photos of the state of my feet when i first started seeing her and photos of them now to show the extreme difference that reflexology makes.

Hi, I also enjoy reflexology. But it doesnt stop my feet from feeling very cold at times.

I get a splotch of blue/purple/grey on one calf…this alarmed a podiatrist I see every 6 weeks for toenail clipping, and she sent me straight to the gp about it. The doc was concerned and I had a doppler test. My pulses are normal and the cold plus the patches are due to my total lack of mobility.

My carers massage my legs and feet daily.


Hi all,

ive got a weird one for you.

a couple of weeks ago I caught a cold I put Vics (vapour rub) on my feet, just a small blob the size of a small grape. I quickly realised that my feet felt considerably warmer even before putting the warm socks on. The skin also felt very soft the next day.

it can’t hurt (unless your allergic) and if it works for you, well that’s a result.

My carer said her little boy had a cold and she put vicks on the soles of his feet, to help him breathe more easily and it worked!

Amazing what these new mums know that we didnt.

eg when I was preggers Braxton Hicks contractions hadnt been invented!

A friend of mine`s mum said she was having subtractions!!!


Been using menthol in al its forms since the 1980s, can’t beat inhaling mentholated steam to clear a snotty nose. Mum used to put vapour rub on my chest as a kid, but I never liked the sticky feeling of it, but I was recently told to put it on my soles to stop nighttime coughing, it works!

ive always got cold feet, and coincidently, found that putting vapour rub on my feet lead to lovely warm soft feet, so the cold went but the vapour rub is still ready for use when required.

And it’s a lot cheaper than reflexology.