Cognitive issue or not ?

Hi ,

Can you experience cognitive problems with only 1 brainstem lesion ? That’s the only lesion I have in my brain, the rest are spinal.

This last month my memory has been so bad and I’m having trouble finding the right words,especially when I’m trying to describe something. I’ve completely lost count of the number of times this month I’ve said " oh, you know what I mean"

Yesterday I was typing out an email and I was struggling with the spelling, my partner had to help. Although that seems to have resolved today.

Feeling a bit like I’m a sandwich short of a picnic,


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Know exactly what you mean June- My wife often says “why do you start a sentence & not finish it” because I forget what I was talking about - Also losing the car in the supermarket car park is becoming common for me as well - quite distressing…

Distressing and so frustrating when you’re trying to explain something and just can’t find the words.

Cognitive problems are horrible. Not being able to complete sentences is cr@p. Those times when you just point at objects because you can’t get the word to appear in your head.

I have no idea what causes various cognitive problems. Where a lesion needs to be for trouble thinking. Actually I have no idea about the placement or number of lesions and their connection to symptoms at all.

All I know is that I wish I could remember the plot of a book I read last week. I wish I could think and speak when there’s more than one person in a room. I wish I could always find the right words to communicate verbally. I wish I were capable of multitasking - like I used to be able to do. I wish people understood what it’s like.



Hi June, what medication are you on ? i only ask because last year i was the same, some days i could hardly put a sentence together. I knew what i wanted to say i just couldnt find the words. i was worried that things were taking a turn for the worse. Anyway when i had my routine appointment with Neurologist he told me it was due to the pregabalin that i was taking and to reduce my dose. I did this and hey presto i can string a sentence together now lol. it is worth looking at any drugs you are taking for side effects. Hope this might help you. take care

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I was about to say similar to Sarahmc76 except I take Gabapentin which I suspect is to blame for my mental fog.

Jan x

I’m taking Gabapentin , but I’ve been on it for 3 years and I’ve been ok, no side effects that I’m aware of. And now I’m losing my voice the more I try and walk !? It’s like when my legs start to go, so does every else.

Hi sarah my daughter was on a high dose of preglabin(lyrica), as she has nerve pain in her stomach due to botched hysterectomy. It changed her so much, she was so forgetful i was fearful for her mental health. her cognivite issues were terrible being in her early 40s and she had no energy to do anything, and seemed very depressed. I read up on lyrica and in the states as in UK they have reclassified it as a reportable drug.

anyway I told her about it and she saw her GP and its taken nearly a year for her to now be back down on a safer level, and wow she has changed, she is even driving again, much more active too, is quite full of it. even changed her hairstyle she was so down and depressed, and I am convinced it was that stuff. that is why i am loate to go on any of the drugs for MS. they are all very much a like.

sorry not in reply june1973 but is your photo of a JR with a teddy lol? i keep looking at it, as i have a JR but tan. xxx

I had massive problems when doing exams - couldn’t get things ‘sorted’ in my mind and then written down. This was before m.s. was dx’d and I just put it down to ‘normal’ exam pressures. Job interviews were a nightmare - my answers were usually one word - and I’d leave the interview about 5 minutes after the start of the interview whereas other candidates would be there for up to 30 mins. Didn’t get many jobs I applied for !

Yes, that’s one of my JRs Toby with his bunny. It’s his favourite toy , he loves his bunny and carries it around with him lol. I love my sweet little hooligan to bits, he keeps me going. JRTs are such fun little dogs xx

I can relate, I struggle to get my thoughts sorted and to get the right words out in a coherent sentence. I often find myself giving one word answers, it’s as if just trying to explain something causes a kind of mental fatigue, if that’s even possible ? It certainly makes my PIP assessments more challenging to say the least.