Cognitive behaviour therapy

Hi, has anyone ever had this and did it help? Linda x

There are at least 3 previous threads on this.

Within this forum, may I respectfully suggest you do a search on the term “cognitive” and then peruse the numerous suggested threads. Maybe there will be something truly useful amongst the results ?!!

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Thanks Dom, really helpful. Linda x

In a nutshell, CBT works!
It works for a lot of conditions, for a lot of people - but not everyone - and like most things in this life it has attracted the people who are only in it for the money.

One “technique” that I have in mind was developed by two people with no psychology training at all, was developed into something like a pyramid scheme, became widely used in industry as a staff training and development scheme, and the two originators then went to court to see who owned the rights to the technique. It was a very messy argument.
I saw a quote from one practitioner that went:
“The human brain is not broken and we will show you how to fix it”
You can get the flavour from:

The reality is that for things like phobias, you need a psychologist running things. To refocus the mind, and make the best of the situation you are in, can be done by anyone who is determined to stick at it using techniques that you can find on the internet.