(insert applicable expletive here!)… cog-fog is getting me down! Trying to write replies this morning and having to look up phrases on the internet to describe what I’m trying to say, because the right words won’t come to mind.

Did I really used to hold down a full time job/do a 300mile round commute every week/juggle with caring/living between 2 houses? That must’ve been someone else. I couldn’t do it now. It’s an achievement if I manage to shower before midday and wield a vaccuum cleaner once a week.

MS really is the gift that keeps on giving… :scream:


You vacuum?!

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I had the chimney sweeps at my house today, and I almost asked them how much they’d charge to do the inside of the house.

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gosh vacuum i have a lovely lady who does mine lol.

COGFOG. we were talking about that yesterday, to lyn my lady. I said it makes me laugh as doctors and family say you must EXERCISE RIGHT?

I said to lyn yeh right. I cant count how many times i struggle to get to the kitchen to get something only to forget by the time i got there what it was, so i struggle to go back to sitting room and like a light switch BING the item pops in my head, so i have to struggle to go back ha ha. and this can happen all day. So now what i try to do is have a little list of all things i know i will use and have them by my side but then i forget something.

I reckon if i had one of those smart watches (i am not smart enough to set it up), it would say i did 2,000 steps a day lol. back and forward i cant use my wheelchair as no room to have it in the kitchen lol.

ah the joys of MS and age.

AS TO WORDS. I know roughly what i want tosay so i go on google and put in something simlar to what i want and the word i want to use pops up wallah i have it lol. needless to say i use google a lot ha ha. hum what was i saying…

Personally I have a husband who vacuums. He covers ‘Housekeeping’, which includes floors, washing and ironing. Also: ‘Food & Beverage’ services. This includes shopping as well as cooking, clearing up and washing up. He’s very cheap, except that he does require frequent doses of gin and wine (at least daily).

He’s not much good at bathrooms - luckily I can still manage this (hygiene very important when one does ISC!). He can’t see dust (doesn’t really believe it exists), but if I don’t bother wearing glasses neither can I. So I don’t.

I do lend him to my neighbours occasionally, he’s quite willing.

As for cogfog, yes, um whatever the word is I’m trying to think of … I can’t watch TV anymore - can’t follow a TV series and don’t seem to miss them. I don’t have the time! Plus as I don’t wear my glasses, I can’t see the TV.


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He sounds an absolute diamond @Ssssue … Do you hire him out?

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Only fairly locally - I tend to need help pulling up my trousers so he’s not allowed a long leash!! Do you live within 5 minutes of me (West Sussex)?

Unfortunately not, other end of the country, North Wales! Mr Sssue is safe :rofl:

I’ll tell him to stand down then! :grin:

He’s happy :blush: My pants and trousers are safe … so am I :laughing:!!

Hi CChick

The reason we go into another room and forget things is part of normal human programming! It is part of our ‘animal’ instincts - from the days when humans had wolves, tigers, aligators etc. hunting us down! The brain goes into alert mode and is checking that the new space we have just entered is safe. That you needed a paperclip or intended to check if the washing machine cycle has finished is not a big priority on the alert scale, so gets sidelined - it is always the trivial things that are forgotten! Now if you’d been going to get a fire extinguisher because a spark has set the curtains alight, you’d not forget what you’d gone into the other room to get! That would be higher up the alert level than potential tigers or burglars! You’d need pretty severe dementia to forget in that case.

I’m not trying to diminish cogfog - but I find it reassuring that the going through a doorway and forgetting the purpose of the trip is actually pretty normal! And, as you say, it does increase the amount of exercise we get!

Now, trying to remember the right words or how they are spelt etc., or names etc., or having enough energy to trying to work out a problem - that is proper cogfog.

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You know, I bet if we all band together, we could kidnap Mr. Ssssue and just rotate our turns with him. We could leave a mannequin in his place. Since she doesn’t wear her glasses, Ssssue would never know. Until her pants were down. What’s the best way to smuggle someone into the US? Mick could go along and photograph his travels, and then they could write a book together. We’d all be famous! At least until Interpol caught up to us…

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reminds me of Mike. Just one day many many moons ago he got the vacuum out no idea why actually cant remember and there he was proudly vaccuming the carpet (perhaps thinking about it i had reminded him he can vacuum his cars out so why not our house or something). so with his big loveable goofy smile he proceeded to vacuum, got about half way through and stopped for a much needed fag break lol. Needless to say guess who finished the job lol.

Oh I say!! I would possibly notice more than just having my pants forever round my ankles. There’s the famous ‘Mr Ssssue gravy’ for example. I’d notice that.

And who would make and deliver gin ‘n’ tonic? Not to mention nice wine :wine_glass:!

I could live without having floors washed or vacuumed, but my culinary needs would be badly neglected!!


lol, i hear you hun. My mike made a fab chopped egg on toast (even on gluten bread) and it was my treat every saturday he would make me it for supper. YUM. It always tasted so nice lol. He always made sure i had my coffee at 10oclock. Gosh i miss all that.

I wasnt bothered about him vaccuming as i had a cleaner anyway lol.

oh and wine yes many moon agos i would have a glass or two, but long time ago. chin chin. xxxx

my lovely Mike we were on holiday in the states when i took that @NorasMom
Crystal river we went to see the manatees.

In addition to the cog-fog I’ve been battling with vertigo as well today, not that I could think of the damn name for it! I was trying to describe it and could only think of whirly thing!

And now I’m getting breakthrough double vision, which is normally corrected by the prism in my glasses. I can only think it’s down to additional stress I’m under at the moment. This really has been a sh!t week…

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Hi this thread has become quite entertaining! Lending out of husbands seems interesting!

Does anyone recall my lovely Bev…care extraordinare?
Many of the group wanted me to clone her. She was good.

Yes, I speak of her in the past tense, not cause she has expired this life, but because she developed several health conditions of her own and had to retire.

Now I have other carers who are almost as good ,but not quite.

My hubby is still my steadfast main carer. He can cook, clean and build amazing things for me!


Those of us who have lovely caring husbands and/or wives (I wouldn’t mind one of each, not for any naughty business - not that I’d mind but my ‘downstairs’ area isn’t really capable, hence my frequently observed ‘would be like sh@gging a blow up doll’ comments’), are very, very lucky. CC has all our sympathy for losing her own lovely Mike. Those of you living alone, or without such devoted partners equally have our sympathy.

Personally, just like Bouds, I am very grateful for Mr Sssue. He’s a rock and a pretty marvellous house husband and carer. He’s just made me a rather fabulous sausage sandwich for lunch (yes, with lashings of ketchup!), after changing the sheets on my bed and doing a ton of washing.

He’s a :star:!!


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