co-danthrusate part 2

Good day guys and gals!

Well now, I recently posted about a laxative/softener I`ve been using and thought I`d recommmend it to those of you suffering constipation problems, as I was finding it so beneficial.

I got 2 replies from well wishers here, telling me they thought it was only used for terminally ill folk. Oooeerrr, I thought! You might agree with me there, eh?

So it was only then that I read the leaflet accompanying the med. Sure enough it did say that`s when it should be used. It also said there was a small risk of it causing  growths in the bowel and liver. Ooooeeerr again!

I stopped taking the drug immediately and rang my GP yesterday. She said it wasn`t her who prescribed it for me,but the hospice last time I was in for respite in December. She added that she wouldn`t have put me on it for the very reasons I have already described.

She also said that as she only prescribes it to terminally ill people, the bit about growths never applied. Fair enough, eh? She then said she was about to contact me about the drug. Yeah?

So we decided I should discontinue it`s use and use senna and movicol instead.

So that`s what I`m doing.

By the way, I`ve `been` twice today.

To think, if I hadn`t posted about it on here, i would have remained blissfully ignorant!

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx,

Well done you.

Bit to mutch detail,as i cant get that picture of my mind.

Hope all stay well with you,no need to updates anymore.

Take Care.


Alls well that ends well eh.Shame they cant create the same effects with something safer because as you know it is exactly what many people are crying out for to manage bowel problems.

Glad you got it sorted.


Thankyou Pip.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I’m glad you’ve got this sorted out, although it sounds like it was working well for you so a shame that you had to stop it from that point of view.


Yeh, but it was the right thing to do.

luv Pollx