cloud lifted

Hi friends.
Boy oh boy! Have I been through the mire!

I have been down to 1 carer for 8 weeks and the Last Man Standing was ready to flop. So after a monumental bowel issue in bed, I booked myself into a nursing home.

Was that a HUUUGE mistake. Never again I came home after 2 nights.

Then the crisis in care team stepped, or bombarded their way in…horrible!

I have just had my first session with a new carer, plus had Last Man Standing is back and all is rosy Chez Nous.

You know who I accredit this up surge to? My greatest friend Jesus. He answered my prayers.

And breathe!
Bouds xxx

Ahh Bouds, you’ve been through it all right, hopefully things will settle for you now you have the carers all sorted.
Thinking of you and keep the good side out as you always do.

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Wow Bouds I am sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time but am glad you have found a new carer, fingers crossed it works out well.

Take care

Pam x

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