Clonazepam and Rebif

Has anybody on Rebif taken Clonazepam at the same time? I started taking Rebif 4 weeks ago and my GP has suggested i take clonazepam again ( I took it for a short time last year but stoppd due to side effects - palpitations). GP is not concerned about the palpitations I had before as I have had a clear ECG, but she does not know whether it is OK with Rebif. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs my return does not seem to be working. Carol

I don’t know the answer to your question, but if I was you I’d ring the Rebif helpline and ask them, I have always found them very good when I’ve called and they ought to know if anyone does. The number is in the stuff you got when you started on the Rebif, but if you need it let me know and I’ll look it up.

I very much doubt there’s any adverse interaction. I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first person to take both. However, I’m not on either, so hardly an authority.

But what’s the matter with GPs these days? I’m sure they have access to data about drug interactions. Are they too lazy to look it up? It seems ridiculous to me, that a doctor would say they simply “don’t know” whether two drugs can safely be prescribed together. Can’t they find out?

If everyone here tells you it’s fine, will your GP trust that over researching it themselves?


Tina and Zedsee thank you for your replies. I tried the Rebif helpline and they didn’t know either, they suggested I ask the ms nurse or neuro. I just thought I’d try here first. Carol

Best thing to do is talk to a medicines information pharmacist. They are often located in the pharmacies at big hospitals - just ring main switchboard and ask to speak to the medicines info pharmacist, or just ask for pharmacy . Failing that a pharmacist locally should be able to help. Anita’s right - the GP should be able to get advice direct from a pharmacist and not leave you to do the research!! Hope that helps Bea