Clonazepam and menstruation

Just wondering if anyone finds that Clonazepam affects their menstruation cycle? I started Clonazepam a few days ago, and I know it’s early days. But i started getting a bit of period even though i am on the pill and it certainly isn’t that time of the month yet! Not sure my body knows what the hell is going on! lol. Anyone else had a problem with this?

Hi Velma,

I’m not on Clonazepam, but Diazepam (aka Valium) - another drug in the same class (benzodiazepines).

I’ve never known it interfere with my cycle at all, and am not aware of this as a known side effect. Have you checked the patient info leaflet to see whether it’s mentioned as a possibility?

If not, I would assume it is coincidence, and that any unexpected bleeding ought to be checked out.

Nothing to do with benzo’s, but I find I do start my period very easily if I forget even a single contraceptive pill.

Dunno if yours are the same, but mine say that if you forget one, take it as soon as you remember, even if that means taking two the same day. So sometimes I have seen last night’s pill on the counter, and thought: “Quick, quick, take it - as the instructions say - before I start to bleed.”

Almost always too late, unfortunately, so it’s extremely sensitive to me missing one, or even taking it late. :frowning: