Clinical exam findings - can it determine the outcome of MRI?

Hello all, I would like to ask a question if I may :slight_smile: Is it possible to have some abnormal clinical signs from the exam and get a clear MRI? Or is it that clinical signs are only there due to damage and the MRI confirms what the Neuro finds during the exam? Am I even making sense?!! Lol I have had to admit that I’m not dealing with waiting for my MRI results very well. I am one of those people who put themselves under pressure to keep going, push through things and be strong. It isn’t working at the moment, I cry to let it out when it gets too much. It feels as though the postman has gone on holiday, never to return. The thing is, there is nothing anyone can say or do, I simply have to wait it out but it’s hell! Thank you Sam x

Hi Sam

I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question as this is all new to me too. However, I was going to ask if you had asked your GP to chase? I rung mine, she contacted the hospital and rung me a couple of days later with the results. Maybe worth a go?

All the best

Really know how you are feeling sam, I’ve been waiting for apts and tests for ages and now have got dates for them- only after really pestering the different departments necessary. How long have you been waiting?

The Gp may well have some results for you as already said earlier. have you tried them or even explaining to them your angst and if they can hurry up an appointment for results?

good luck , Beth x

Hi samantha, yes that can happen. It happened that way for me.

Turned out I had a lot of the clinical signs for PPMS, yet MRIs, EMGs, VEP tests all came back normal.

Found out last year, I dont have MS. It took 14 years of tests for them to admit they dont know what has caused my condition.

luv Pollx

Hi Sam - waiting for those results is such a horrible time! I do feel for you. But, yes, you can definitely have abnormal clinical exam and clear MRI etc - I have and so have many on here.

Do simple things at home, plan nice things out etc for while you wait. I know it’s hard

Hope it all works out well for you,

Deb x

Thanks everyone. The thought that waiting for these results may just end in, ‘we don’t know’ or anything else for that matter just makes me shiver. You had 14 years of this Poll, you seriously need a medal. I phoned the GP surgery just before Christmas and they hadn’t received anything so I contacted the Neuro’s secretary and she said he hadn’t received the Radiologists report. I don’t want to be a pest but my legs are worse :frowning: Thanks for your support. Sam xx

Try to be positive - no news means good news! When I had a scan for hodgkins Lymphoma they were on the blower the following day to get me in ! I know it is easy to say but stress alone can make your symptoms worse.

Moyna x