click and collect

i did my online grocery shop but all the delivery slots were full so i chose click and collect.

9.00 am

i no longer drive and don’t want to fork out for taxis there and back.

i’d prefer to get bus going and taxi back with heavy bags.

it’s not worth going to bed now so i’ll waffle on to pass the time.

apologies for all the waffle.

i used to have all the bus timetables but one of my sons has OCD and is always tidying, even the one drawer which is for my miscellaneous bits. bless him, love him to bits but Aarghhh!

as soon as i’m a grown up i will buy my own house!

wait a bit, I already did that.


now breathe away that anger

remember how much you love him (yes you really do)

thanks dear friends for letting me waffle.

Carole xxx

ps fancy a waffle now!

waffle away Carole…we all do it and they cant touch you for it!


Loved your waffle, a good waffle does you good, both verbal and edible, x x

Your post made me smile I needed that! Reminds me of my darling son who is ASD, who walks into rooms and turns music down, blows out scented candles, shuts curtains in daytime and turn lights off…drives me nuts…but he is away at uni normally, so I can bear it for the summer xx

I like the sound of your son. I think we could be friends.

i love it when people get my intent.

thank you.

it would be lonely in my strange club otherwise.

just my brain goes off at random tangents.

doesn’t bother me but often feel that i should explain.

anyway suffice to say, i love you wonky lot!