Clear mri

Hi to everyone on here.

I have felt a lot better since reading all the posts on here and im grateful to have come across this site full of inspirational people.

I had an MRI in early Jan,saw neuro on Monday 25 after being referred for numbness tingling, aching ,weakness,eye pain all on

my right side…also fatigue and memory issues,since last summer. I had a similar situation 10 years when I was discharged

after a clear scan,again all on the right side.

My scan is clear again,but I have compression myelopathy in my cervical spine? and have been referred to a neuro surgeon

(Queens I think) lumbar puncture was also mentioned.

I would appreciate any advice as neuro thought numbness in my face and head( present most of the time since August) is not

from myelopathy but from migraine(without headache).

Thanks for reading