clear MRI being send for LP

so all this started last jan 2012 whent to docs had bloot tests ECG and CT all came back fine so after a month everything whent away i had tirdness, headaches, memory loss, dizziness, balance, anching all over, deeling very down very

i forgot all about it untill sep this year my eyes started going blured, very painfull and my nystagmus has got much worse as i have other eye issues i just assumed my eyes had changed and i needed new glasses so took my self off to the optitions he said all was fine so i just left it a month later i had my hosp apointment for my eyes all she did was check that i had the right magnifiers but did not check my eyes i asked about the nystagmus and she said go to the docs and ask to see a nurologist wich it did by the time i got to see the nuro i had lots more symptoms sevear headaches, dizziness, can not think of the right words, get lost in the middle of a centence, memory loss, balance probles, pain in neck going down to my elbow i told the nuro all this he sent me for a MRI wich came back normal but it did say i had some small ares of consurn im only 22 so its not age im now being sent for a LP but waiting for this im getting prickaling in the ends of my fingers, and sometimes my vision will shake and on my right side bottom on my rib i get sort of a pulling presure no idea what that is

i would like some advice on having a LP not had one of them before

sorry about the spelling not my best area

Sorry to hear your having a rough time, it sounds like their doing all the relevant tests which is good I’ve not had a LP but I’m sure someone will soon give you some tips on what to expect. Jo

Hello jasper.

I’ve had a lumbar puncture…I had no problems with it at all.

I was asked to lay on my left side with knees drawn up to chest. Local anaesthetic is given so no pain.

They kept me laid flat for two hours after the procedure so make sure you go to the toilet before.

Some people get headaches…apparently drinking coffee/cola can help.

PS: I was given tea and biscuits

Noreen xxx

Hi Jasper I have had a LP and this did help with my diagnosis. I was anxious as didnt know much about it beforehand but I was fine getting it done. Afterwards they advise you to lie flat for a couple of hours so I would take something along to occupy yourself. Take care Polly xx

hey there

i’ve justs had my lp 3 hours ago and right now i feel perfectly fine :smiley:

the only thing that hurt was the anesthetic shot, no fun at all… pretty painful i have to admit. but the lumbar puncture itself doesn’t hurt a bit! really I felt nothing and the entire procedue was super quick - about 15 minutes. i was very nervous so i asked them a sedative (oxazepam) before the lp. if you think you’re going to be too nervous you can ask one as well.

you will be asked to lay on the side and not move - I had a nurse who held me down so I won’t move i think it was helpful.

as said above - you will have to lay flat on your tummy for two hours so make sure you go to the toilet before and afterwards drink plenty of water, 3 liters and also drink coffee and coke cause the caffeine helps prevent the headaches

good luck!!