Clear full spine MRI but...

Clear full spine scan but neologist is sending my for brain MRI and Lyme’s blood test even though he’s said it’s not just to secure that users not. Has anyone had anything found on brain scan after a clean spine scan. I’m facing a no diagnosis well just do what we can to treat symptoms

Maybe we do things differently here in the US (ha ha), but I had my brain scan and Lyme test first. The brain scan showed things that hadn’t been there 4 years ago, and since my problems actually started a few decades before that, they sent me for a spinal MRI. It didn’t show a blessed thing, so I had a spinal tap after that which showed a few markers but would have been ignored if not for the lesions that had finally appeared in the brain.

Don’t let it get you down. Let them run all their tests, and then you can start dealing with what they find.