Citalopram and Modafinil


Im currently prescribed 200mg modafinil, and have just been prescibed 10mg citalopram. Ive since heard that you shouldnt take citalopram if already on modafinil. Does anyone know anything about this, and what the effects of taking them together? Should i stop taking the citalopram?

Many Thanks


Hi linseymc,

Sorry i should of explained that better, modafinil is for fatigue. My gp was suggesting that the citalopram should start working within two weeks which i thought was a bit optimistic!
Never been on anti depressants before so its all new for me


They do completely different things so unless they are contraindicated, I don't know why you would come off your modafinil. AH! Just checked and they have a "major interaction" warning against them - you better check with your GP / neuro; sounds like you shouldn't be on both without approval at least.

Karen x

Thanks karen, i havent taken them yet as i wanted to make sure it was safe etc, i will phone ms nurse tomorrow. No doubt i will need to change the anti depressants,

Thanks again for your help

Hazel x

I'm on both Hazel, and have been so for a while. I did have hick ups (I think.. very difficult to prove this) but I am back on using both (BTW if appropriate..., the Modafinil might no longer be prescribed for MS automatically after 'interruptions').

I decided not long ago to stop the Modafinil temporarily as I SEEMED to pick up from the 'Citalopram info leaflet' that it was not recommended to use both at the same time....

However, as I said, back on both (I made notes when stopping the Modafinil, will let you know asap after I have found these notes :).......)

All the best, regards Jos

Definitely check it out with your GP, as others have said.  There is no obvious substitute for modafilil, but there are loads of different anti d's, so the GP has plenty of scope to choose another one that does not argue with modafinil, if he/she thinks that is a good idea.



I am on both these drugs.

Citalopram 40mg and modafinil 100mg.

The anti depressant is mainly to focus on my obsessive compulsive disorder and is the best one to help witrh anxiety.

Modafinil I have had no affect what so ever... I sleep over it all the time and don't notice any difference... it could be that I am on a weaker does, I am not gonna argue.

I asked my neurologist and he told me to start coming off them now... He told me that these are not made for MS tiredness so is why it is not making any difference.

He also told me that they should be taking all sorts or tests heart rates etc all the time and since they didn't the nurses are not doing there job properly...

The answer is tho I have taken both these since Jan and I am still around x


Thanks everyone, im waiting for the ms nurse to return my call. I will let you all know what they advise,

Hazel x

Hi ,

I've been on 200mg twice a day for about 6 years now but my MS nurse recommended these as I suffered terrible fatigue.She also advised taking a break every month of a few days to clean them out of my system so I feel the benefit of them better .I definately find that that works and always notice a difference when I go back on them.

I also take citalopram 40 mg a day and have done for about 2 years.These were for my mood swings and definately helped as I was a nightmare to live with (so everyone says anyway lol) 

I've never had any problems with taking both these drugs togther but they may not be for everyone.I have found over the years that it is often better not to read all the leaflets that go with all the pills i take as most of them do say that most of them can't be taken together. But that my just be me .Maybe I'm to trusting of my GP and nurse ?

Good luck with what ever you decide to use !