CIS query

Hello again, I have a query and I hope someone can answer please.

I was told I had clinically isolated syndrome but my neurologist advised me to see him again if I began to have symptoms again. I was a lot better and although I wasn’t totally back to normal, I was able to reduce my medication and pretty much get back to life as I knew it.

I’ve had a cough and obviously during the night it’s been bad so I’ve not slept well and been run down due to cold. The past 2 days I’ve started with cramp/spasms again and had sharp pains in arms and legs again. I had these before so is this just been aggravated by my cold/cough? I don’t really want to make an appointment with my neuro if this is what has caused it and waste everyone’s time.


Because repairs from an MS relapse OR CIS are often not 100% perfect, it’s common to get some resurgence of symptoms if you are a bit below par from an unrelated cause, such as an infection, or occasionally just stress.

I’m assuming you still have the cough/cold, so personally I would wait to see whether neurological symptoms still persist after the infection has cleared up, otherwise it may be what is known as a pseudo-exacerbation, which means there has been no real change in your neurological condition, but old symptoms have been aggravated by the infection, just as you suggest.

Or, to be on the safe side, you could ring the neuro’s secretary, explain the circumstances, and see if he would like to see you, or if he will also say: “Wait and see if it’s still there when the cold clears up!”

If I’m having a pseudo-exacerbation brought on by a cold, I usually find it disappears pretty much as soon as the cold does. If it hangs around after the cold is definitely better, I suspect new activity.


Hello Tina,

thank you for your reply and sorry it’s taken so long to thank you and reply back. It seemed my cough did make those symptoms worse but unfortunately as my cough went I seemed to find I was getting new symptoms that I hadn’t had before and the fatigue set in, I was badgered by my family and close work colleagues to just make an appointment and see the neurologist again and if it was nothing then fine if not the quicker something could be done if needed…

So to cut a long story short I’ve been given steroids now and I’m being assigned an MS nurse as it seems to be my 3rd episode now, it seems I’ve had optic neuritis, the episode in June and this is classed as another. My eye had been bad but me being allergic to hospitals I never took it any further than the opticians (who advised me if the clouding persisted I should go to the GP and I never did, as the optician couldn’t really see anything I assumed it was age lol). I’ve been made to have the week off while I take the steroids . I’m finding it a bit hard to explain why I’m not well again, I think people must think I put it on, one day I seem back to normal and then I start walking like a tortoise slow and steady so I don’t fall over! I sometimes wonder if it’s in my imagination !

sorry I’m babbling I think it’s these tablets lol, I apparently don’t shut up at the minute!

Sarah x