CIS and LDN - please help?

HI Folks,

In 2005 I had a little altered sensation on my left forearm. It lasted only a few weeks. I had an MRI and it was clear. I was told it was a pinched nerve from playing too much golf!

The in 2008 I had a kind of MS like relpase (numbness weakness etc). GP said I had a virus. I recovered after a few weeks although I was left with a little right sided weakness (too little to be detected by doctor). Anyways that attack triggered the very slow onset of spasticity in that right leg - especially the calf muscle and walking has over the years become more awkward. I manage without a stick but I am sure I should use one. Afer lots of MRI scans showing a cervical myelopathy (clear brain) and 2 clear LPs I have been told that I might have had an attack of myelitis (or CIS) which triggered the spasticity. My question is should I take LDN to help prevent me from having another attack.

Thanks for help

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna

You will find lots of differing opinions on here about LDN. I doubt that LDN will do anything to prevent another attack but it may help with symptoms.

The best advice I can give you is eat healthily, exercise and try to avoid stress. The latter is easier said than done!

If you have MS, it may not get any worse than it already has. It is a very variable and unpredictable disease.

Good Luck!


I don’t know if ldn will prevent another attack or not tbh, I guess there’s no harm in trying. But, I had to get ldn prescribed privately and they needed a confirmed diagnosis of ms before they’d prescribe ldn so if you don’t have a confirmed ms diagnosis you might find it had to get ldn prescribed. Cheryl:-)

I get mine privately and the good news with LDN, is that it’s a kind of friendly drug so it’s worth a shot… I know you must get so frustrated without real answers. At least the LDN might help and it’s not going to do the weird things that some of our drugs do, no yawning til tears run down your face etc. It might just give you some improvements,I feel like I’m just remaining optimistic on the long term stuff, there’s just no guarantees.

Wishing you good luck as ever

Sonia x