Christmas is cancelled

Hi everyone.

Well this is certainly a bit of a toug time at the mo.

Selling house - stress

Buying house - stress

In hospital for a few hours last week - but it was great a nice day out for a change!

My wife’s mum nearly died after slipping over and being found a couple of hours later on the ice - in hospital now - stress.

So, Christmas is cancelled in an attempt to avoid more stress, it’s the first time I haven’t bought anything for anyone since I was a kid!

Roll on Easter and the lighter nights and warmer days! Oh it’s the shortest day tomorrow by the way!

Marty - hangin on in there!

Perhaps you could arrange to have some really great food… internet shopping or get a mate to pick it up for you!!! Skip everything else to do with Christmas but eat lots of good stuff… oh and some good telly…

Hope things get better for you soon,

Pat x

Hi Mel

I’ve got 8 inch high xmas tree on the telly and yes I will have a little tipple.



Hi Marty, sorry to hear about all your problems. Hope you manage to have a bit of a celebration anyway and that the new year is a bit more positive for you!

Regards, Boo

Hiya Pat

Thanks for your comments, Pat. Your right about the telly, going to watch the Doctor Who xmas special. Yipee!



No celebration but lots of good wishes and a forward looking New Year (hopefully)!



Hi Marty, it all sounds very stressful hope the house move and sale is progressing well and I hope your wife s mother is doing better now, what a shame for her slipping on the ice like that. So you are going to watch Dr who xmas special, well enjoy. Cheryl:)