Chris Whitty harassed...

…so one of them worked for an estate agent, why am I not surprised?!, sharks as they are!
Thank you Dr Whitty for all your efforts to even trying to save the lives of brainless people!

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really… i thought it was a terrible display of bullyisim if that is a word. I thought he handled it well.

what horrible cretins. I hope they go to jail for assault. Chris whitty has worked hard to get us through this pandemic and doesnt deserve this kind or moronic behaviour.

oh and i was an estate agent for many years a darn good one, and i respected my clients this person would be like he is whether he is an estate agent or not. Hatefully little man.

NAME AND SHAME him bar him from future work.

Now I understand CC, it’s because good estate agents like you are no longer around! My anger was caused by the fact that my son still had to cough up thousands of pounds in spite of the fact that he had to return home from uni because of the pandemic… I have worked for a bailiff in Holland (as a bookkeeper btw…) and I have witnessed many many sad cases… Still, in case I did face ‘debtors’ I always treated them with respect (for as long they did) as ‘life’ certainly is not fair when it comes to finances! The estate agent personnel my son faced were simply arrogant, a definite ‘no no’ for me!

Maybe its down to age i know i should not be discriminating in that way, but a certain EA where i lived in stroud was manned by younger male estate agent personnel who i have to say were very arrogant in attitude. I ran a small office at the time and had many good sales.

Anway good news this little snot got arrested and lost his job serves him right. I dont even think now he believes he was in the wrong.