Choosing treatments

Ok, so I have my diognosis. I am back at work. (Feel like s…t but doing it). Got to Wait till the end of July to see ms nurse, but… I have had a list of treatments I am ‘eligible’ for. I have to be honest, very disopointed with ‘eligible’ treatments. Should I except or challenge ?

Not sure on your symptoms Sarah, but from my experience. Changing your diet & exercise is the way to go.

MS is when the nerve cell linings become damaged & your bodies own immune system attacks itself.

Boosting your immune system with the key vitamins & minerals is the way to go.

Heat seems to speed up the damage, so stay cool & avoid stress, with light exercises.

Enjoy life, in a healthier way & don’t worry.

Research lymph gland locations & keep the bodies junctions, free of traffic jams.

You’ll be okay, just don’t listen to advice from bitter people & go stress free, with the flow. Staying hydrated.

Broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, eggs, fish, extra virgin olive oil, Omega 3 fish oils like Krill, D3, B12, home made soup, fresh fruit like grapes, lime, lemon, nuts, coconut milk & so forth. You get the drift. I personally think, the diet is the key. Along with personal hygiene. Cool, calm, clean & fresh. Sleep well too. That’s when the body does it’s work.

Have fun, Terry

Hi Sarah, what treatments have you been offered - and what do you want? If you have evidence if “active” RRMS you should be able to push for tech or Lem if they are your preference.