Chinese Medicine

I’ve just completed a 6 week course of acupuncture with a view to helping the pain in my left arm and hand but sadly it didn’t work. The acupuncturist suggested trying Chinese ear “studs” but so far I’ve not been able to find any. Can anyone help? Jools


Sorry can’t help Jools - have you ‘googled’ to see if you can find out more.

This sounds like what you want - go to Amazon and type in:

ear press needles

And they’ll come up in the Beauty Department.


Lolli xx

have you tried chinese acupuncture rather than the englIsh version? its quite xpensive but they train for about 5 years unlike nhs ones . i found it vry benefficlal. a couple of times he put a stop to progression in my arms/hands. he also gave me a spray to help with pain in my back which gave instant relief. i went to one at dr and herb. unforttunately he has left now but i would recommend it. you might be able to get ear studs from one of these outlets too .