Chickenpox and steroids?

Evening all, can anyone help? I think my daughter has chickenpox, I have rrms and am currently 9 weeks into a big relapse and due to go into hospital this week for some iv steroids, would my daughter having chickenpox hinder/prevent me from having the steroids? Does anyone know?! Liana x

Hi Liana, I would give them a call to be on the safe side but I suspect that the answer will be yes. When I had my (oral) steroids I was told to avoid anyone with measles and chickenpox. The steroids suppress the immune symptom and this means that these illnesses could be very hazardous to us.

Mags xx

Hi…I had 1 day of steroids infusion over…2 dys left to go and then realised my 5 month old daughter had developed chicken pox!!..doc wouldn’t allow me to have any more steroids til she was chicken