Cheerful Note

Hi to all sorry I keep dipping in and out eyesight is bit of a pain. Like a lot of others my own obssessing with symptoms has been driving me to distraction but I have now got a new distraction and she has totally diverted my attention from me.

Bella is a chorkie ( chihuahua x yorkie ) 6lbs of attitude with the most gentle and loving nature you could wish for. She did not have the best start in life previous owners were not as considerate of her needs and she was only 5lbs and very matted and not house trained at a year old.

We have been together now for a couple of months and it feels as if she has always been with us the integration was smooth and hassle free. Her energy has reinvigorated my own and even on my slowest days she gives me reason to keep on going and is an absolute blessing.

Take care



Hi Debs

I absolutely agree with you. I have a 3 year old minature yorkie called Alfie, and he gives me inspiration by the bucket load.

Of course, it goes without saying, that he is spoilt rotten, but I love him to bits.


I am glad that Bella has fallen on her four paws this time. She’s gorgeous!



Hi, that`s a lovely story and such a nice new lease of life for both of you.


luv Pollx

We have a Bella too - she is a Jug - x between a Jack Russel and a pug. Having said that her mum was a cross between a JR and a chihuahua. She is about 16lbs and can jump amazingly high for such a small dog.

She has brought a lot of fun into our lives too!