Chasing My Tail

Last Friday I blacked out for 2nd time in a fortnight and when I came round I was extremley confused feeling. Was admitted to hospital for few days and had ct scan plus lumbar puncture which confirmed no bleed on brain.

Have been experiencing many symptoms for a long time such as numb fingers, hands, toes, extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, pain behind eyes, constipation, loss of libido, depression, irrability…the list is endless. I have also been advised that i have lumps on the optic nerves. In hospital MS was suggested but today on visiting my gp, ms has been totally dismissed, stating my symptoms are not that of MS.

I ambeing sent for ECG on Monday and am awaiting an MRI and appointment with Neurologist but goodness knows when this will be. All i know is i feel terrible and dont seem to be any further forward. Migranes have even been suggested to me. I dont get sore heads but frequently feel dizzy and as if i could easily lose my balance