Hi pals!

Just read a post about Simon Gillespie and thought you might like to hear something.

Recently my daughter took up a new job, working for a charity called Cauldwell.

They try to help disabled children access funding/equipment/help when they have tried the usual channels.

I was aghast when she told me how little some families get and sometimes get lost in the system and nothing is done to help them.

Her`s is a highly stressful, but rewarding job.

I`d never heard of that charity before. Has anyone else?

The charity which helps folk with my kind of condition, is a tiny one with very little funding.

The charity pie just gets smaller and smaller and small chairties dont even get a look in.

Just my thoughts folks!


It reminds me of “Care in the community”. I think the idea is that society or the private sector picks up the slack. But that assumes that society or the private sector has a conscience…

Innit da troof!


Hi Poll

I have heard of Cauldwell Children as a family I know got great support from them. Hope your daughter continues to enjoy her job.

I have found that the hardest part of getting help is knowing where to access it - that is why forums are so invaluable.

Have a happy day