changing my med appointment

i have an appointment this saturday at Queens Square to see an MS nurse to discuss change of meds. its a 3.5 hour appointment, i presume i will need to do blood test and discuss the sysmptons on the new meds, but what else should i expect i am a bit nervous, but not in a bad way.

Goodness, I don’t know what they need 3.5 hours for!

Can you ring and ask?

It’s some time ago now, but when I was assessed for DMDs (which I eventually declined, with my neuro’s blessing), I had to do a walking test.

They had me literally marching up and down the hospital car park! I was well into a relapse at the time, so not that easy!

It used to be the case that you had to be able to walk a certain distance to qualify for DMDs - and they made me PROVE it.

The rationale being that if you’d already substantially lost the ability to walk, they considered you had not enough good health worth saving, to justify the risks, side-effects (and, of course, expense) of a DMD.

I don’t know if this is something you can still expect, but it was part of my assessment which took up a lot of time. They also went through complete medical history OF EVERYTHING - not just MS - to check if there were any reasons certain drugs might not be suitable.

That could be another reason a long time has been allowed - they want to trawl through your complete history since the year dot.