Changing my hours help required

Hi all,

Due to my hubby who has PPMS getting weaker I have decided to do a 32 hour week over 4 days.

Which in your opinion is the best day to take off. I was thinking Monday because then I guess if it is a Bank holiday Monday it works in your favour.

Knowledge required for this thicko please.



Hi try not to take Mondays as your day offas you will

loose out on aall the Bank Holidays,

Hope all goes well.


Hi but would you not be given that day for a later date? Or maybe better to have Tuesday.



If you don’t work Mondays you don’t get the bank holiday and don’t get the time off in lieu. I would say its better to have a Friday off which is what I do- then it gives you a longer weekend especially on bank holidays

Just a suggestion. Would you be able to work 32 hours over five days. That would mean you finish early afternoon every day and still get your bank holidays.


Take Wednesday - that way you only ever have to work 2 days in a row before you get a day off.

The suggestion of 32 hours over 5 days is an option. I don’t know what your job is but be careful with this option that you don’t end up with people expecting the same productivity as you give now - they will still see you as being there 5 days a week.

Hi Caz

It really depends on what your work contract says. Maybe seek HR advice.

I say this because my wife & I both have Mondays off and work a four day week.

I work in the public sector and I benefit for getting time back for not working the majority of bank holidays.

My wife is private sector and doesn’t get time back for not working bank holidays.

Also need to consider yours & your husband needs (and probably your employers needs).

Is it better to have wednesdays off so work 2 days then a day off then work 2 days then 2 days off ? Would having flexible days off work for your emploer & you where you can decide week to week or month to month on what day to have off?

Will you qualify for working tax credits ? Would working 28 or 30 hours mean you qualify for working tax credits so you could work less hours for the same income ?

Good luck on whatever you decide.


Your p/t leave entitlement will certainly be calculated in a way that adjusts for where public holidays fall relative to your normal working days/normal days off so that the result is neutral. So that should not be a consideration for you.

I used to take Mondays and Fridays off when I worked p/t. If I had my time again, I would go for Thursday and Friday instead, I think. Missing Mondays, I was playing catch-up for the rest of the week. Mind you, the week ending early means that I was always battling against the clock at the end of the week too. It depends on the normal pattern of work and how things happen in your workplace, I think.

Four long days sounds like a great idea, and a very good use of time - not far off f/t pay, but less of your own time spent commuting. I hope it goes well for you.



Hi, when I started working part time after maternity leave, about 12 years ago now, I would NOT have got an extra days off in lieu of the Monday holidays. If Monday had been my day off I would not have got an extra day in lieu of it. So, see what your employers say about that. I took Fridays off because that was a better day for me anyway. When the Royal Wedding was on a Friday last year I didn’t get an extra day. Nowadays my work adds the public holidays on to the overall entitlement so you have a set number over the year regardless of holidays. So, in this case I guess it wouldn’t matter. Your 4day week sounds like a good idea, I hope it works out well for you. Cheryl:-)

Thanks everyone for replying to this.

I was told that It can be flexible if hubby is ill but I would like Tuesdays as I get to take hubby to gym that day.

However the idea of Wednesday and only working 2 days before a day off sounds good too.

I will have to think this one through.