cerebrosinal fluid first sample very pink in colour others clearer

Question doctor did spinal lumber puncture on husband today wile doing test got extreme pain in left leg ,already has known lesions on brain.His cerebrosinal test was very pink on first sample went clearer as more came out.Does this possibly mean spinal lesions too. x julie

Hi Julie, I think it just means they got some blood in it. Unlikely to be significant as far as whether there are spinal lesions. I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait for the lab results. If it was possible to tell just by looking at it, they wouldn’t have to send it off to the lab. LP can give an indication of demyelination (amongst other things), but wouldn’t prove where in the CNS it was. An abnormal LP isn’t associated with spinal lesions, specifically. They could be in the brain. Tina x

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some help and advice, will try not to rabbit on and make no sense. I am feeling very nervous about this as you all seem so informed and rational.

Over the last few months my walking has steadly deteriorated to the point were I am not able to walk further than about 50 yards without resting. I am 48 and 70year olds are moving faster than me!!! I also [sorry about this description] seem to swing to the right when I walk and I can’t stop myself doing this.My lovely sons find this hilarious as they say I walk like a duck???!! I also have extreme fatigue in my body but can’t sleep as my mind remains active stopping me sleeping and I get a circular flashing light in my left eye which over the course of about ten minutes gets bigger and bigger until it disapears. The final thing is that sometimes when I have a soft drink I seem to forget to swallow it. How is this possible?

My GP has had my blood tested and these have all come back normal [the only time anyone has described me as that]. Today I went back to see her and she tested my legs,reflexes, balance and eyes and told me I needed to see a Nuerologist but because the first appointment was not available until the middle of June this was not quick enough. She has therefore made me an appointment to see a Medical Consultant at our local hospital in the morning. As I was in shock I forgot to ask why [muppet] and I am therefore feeling confused as to why seeing another medical person would be helpful as I will still probably need to see the Nueroligist.

If anyone has any ideas or advice I would be very grateful



your movements natural reflexes may over exaggerated when my husbands legs were tested by neurologist thats what they told him he also has no central vision both eyes and struggles to walk so slow like you say slower than 70 yr old and he is only 47yrs.He had mri brain scan told february 2013 found lesions.He had mri spine last week and eeg which went flat several times.He too had blood tsts at gp that came back normal depends what they tested for, xx julie

Hi Julie,

Thank you for answering me. So sorry I jumped on your post [didn’t know what I was doing] I really appreciate you taking the time.

Hope you and your husband get the answers you need.

Helen xx

Thats ok helen anytime you just want to chat.I get so stressed myself things have changed so much for our family over the last couple of years .We all just want answers now and hopefully we will get them in july with all the julie

Hi Julie,

I know I know nothing and therefore unable to give any help or advice but I will be thinking about you both in July. Please let me know how you get on xx Helen

Oh you were right about the blood tests just had my B12 checked which I have decided I prefer to any other option lol so fingers crossed.

Take care

Hi helen hope you get on ok too, i will let you know what they say when we finally get results july seems ages away.Husband keeps saying he could have brain cancer i keep telling him off be glad when get them results . xx julie