ceiling falling on my head

I have a problem with a feeling of the ceiling dropping towards me.but only from the left hand side i have to duck and swerve to avoid it even though in reality nothing is happenig does any one else have anything similer? Samj

Hello Samjj,

I am not 100% sure that I am right, but what you explain sounds a lot like vertigo which I get ‘now and then’. It seems to be a common symptom, and is very strange, especially when it just crops up and just leaves me grabbing for buildings. As far as I know there is no treatment for it, but maybe there is now.

Best wishes & good luck,


If this is vertigo then a neuro -phisiotherapist may be able to help you. Your gp should be able to refer you to one. They will devise an exercise plan that may help.

I had really bad vertigo and this helped me a lot.

Your gp can prescribe Stemitil also which can help some people. I have to say that Stemitil did not help me but my vertigo was severe at the time.

Best get this checked out in case it’s not vertigo and something else.

Hth. Best wishes.


Does not feel like vertigo, no nausea or dizziness and balance seems ok just have to duck when walking through doors or if something suddenly appears from the left.seeing ms nurse in 2 weeks x

I have something similar - quite frequently duck to avoid non-existant tree branches or thinking that someone is going to walk right into me, annoying when in the park but can be embarassing when in the supermarket. Like you it is always on my left side, but I’ve always assumed it was related to residual effects of optic neuritis.

Thanks,I think you could be right, i get optic neuritis on the left so will discus with my ms nurse when i see her.