CCSVI Canadian TV MS Wars

Has anyone in the UK found a way of watching the program:

# MS Wars: Hope, Science and the Internet

Thursday, February 9, 2012 8:00 PM on CBC-TV

I have followed the links but it does not seem to be available here, and I understand it is a really important program discussing the latest situatiuon in Canada

You should be able to get it online:

You might want to read some of the reviews first. If you are looking for full scientific explanations, the reviews suggest that th program was a bit thin. One bit, in one review stood out for me:

“While this is not limited to “liberation therapy” specifically, the documentary also clearly showed what the potential is for damage by non-scientific ways of thinking in combination with social media.”

Note that one of the film makers has a cousin with MS - and this may have influenced the making of the report.