Catch 22

Hey guys, hope you all are well!

I’m in a bit of a mess at the moment and hope some of my fellow rollercoaster rider’s can advise me.

I have been getting extensive treatment at the Edinburgh dental institute. I had an appointment just before Christmas but on the morning of my appointment I found my mother dead i was utterly heartbroken so cancelling my appointment was the last thing I had on my mind. In the days to come I had so much to sort out and the day after mum’s funeral called up but they were closed for the holidays.

Christmas was not a very happy one this year and the result was me having a particularly bad relaps which I was in hospitalised for 8 weeks. So to cut a short story long the said dental institute has taken me off there books and my own dentist says she can’t give me any treatment to fix my problem.

I feel the world is conspiring against me I’m so depressed even if had something to smile about I wouldn’t be able to. I’m skint so can’t afford to go private. Life’s kikin my ass at the moment! I’m one setback of the jaggy jersey home!

If anyone can advise me or help me would be eternally grateful.

Big big thanx in advance.


hi paul

i understand that missed appointments are a thorn in the side of medical practises.

however it was an extreme circumstance in which you missed yours.

i have no idea how you are managing to cope.

write to your edinburgh dental institute explaining the dreadful shock of finding your beloved mother dead.

if you get no help then write to your mp.

please keep us updated.

carole x

I cant give you any advice just my codolence and a cyber hug im so sorry that life decided to kick you when you where already down.


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Hi Paul I am so sorry for your loss. Have you written to the Dental Institute complaints department? I am sure they must have one. I recently had a complaint and found that the large hospital I attend have exactly that. I emailed my complaint and had a very swift response. Worth a try detailing the loss of your Mum and your subsequent ill health.


Like Carole suggested write to the dental institute and just explain the situation you were in i am sure they will understand when they know the reason.So sorry to hear you lost your Mum,its such a shock when its so sudden,i lost my Mum very suddenly its such a lot to take in.

my mum died in her sleep of a brain haemorrhage. it was 26 years ago and she was only 54. i find that i’m still coming to terms with it. i cry out for her in my sleep when the ms gets too bad. i can almost feel her near me. look after yourself paul. make sure that you are eating well.