Carpet or laminated flooring

I have a problem walking on shiny flooring. Kitchen and bathroom are obviously vinyl but I prefer to walk with my 4 wheeler on carpet.
Could we discuss the pros and cons?
Take care be safe :slight_smile: M x

How about very low profile carpet? Instead of nice shag pile carpet that feels nice underfoot, we have crappy cheap carpet with no underlay stuck to the floor in my bedroom. Plus vinyl in kitchen & bathroom. (Nicer carpet for Mr Sssues tootsies in living room & his bedroom now that we sleep in different rooms)


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Try a low level loop pile or perhaps better still, a fibre-bonded product, e.g. Fibre Bonded Carpet Tiles from burmatex®

More for commercial applications and not so great aesthetically but functionally perfect: smooth yet grippy and warmer underfoot than vinyl or ceramic and no pile.

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I can only add that I too feel safer on carpet. I can only manage a few steps with a frame now. Just as an aside we are just about to have the living room carpet replaced because using a wheelchair is causing it to crease. We’ve been advised that a special underlay is required which will be stuck to the floor and the carpet then glued to the underlay. Apparently it’s a special glue and the carpet can be removed without difficulty later.

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Thank you everyone for your advice, very much appreciated.
What a helpful positive group we are. Take care be safe, :heart:M x

The adhesive you describe is referred to as a Tackifier. Best analogy I can think of is like a dental fixative for false teeth! It holds them in place without bonding rigidly.

Best known product is F-Ball StyccoBond F41 Carpet Tile Tackifier. As the name suggests, it can be used for carpet tiles as well as carpet. In fact, carpet tiles may well suit your requirement better as they can be peeled up and relaid if required. Wheels are a big test for a carpet and cause it to creep and then crease and ruck up, which would be disastrous if it becomes uneven. Better to lay carpet tiles with tackifier and if any creep starts to occur, they can be lifted and re-laid. Don’t worry, it’s not a frequent requirement but preserves the surface smoothness.

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I will be getting carpet tiles, thanks for your help.
Take care M