Caring for relatives

hi my name is leah, hope you are all doing well?
don’t get me wrong but i don’t have MS and have no idea what it feels like but i know what what it feels like to have relatives that are close to you that have suffered from it. for instance my auntie had MS and she suffered a fair bit from it sadly she passed away 4 years ago now. i know what caused her death however i don’t know whether her MS might have provoked what might have happened i’m not saying something for sure when i’m not entirely sure myself. i was always by my aunties side when she was having a bad day. so i honestly understand how all those who suffer with MS feel because i have watched someone close to me suffer also but you are all so strong so keep fighting your battles and everyone i’m sure is so proud of each other and far everyone who suffers with MS have come in live and shown anything is possible under some circumstances.

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