Carers personal budgets

Lee is doing an assessment for a carers personal budget this morning. I’ve had them in the past because of being a carer for Molly and Rosanna . We’ve used them for a break away . I think Lee would like some guitar lessons. It would be nice for him to have a bit of time for himself. I feel for him his life is harder now I’m disabled, He s still working and doing the lions share looking after the 2 daughters affected by autism , he never complains he s such a good husband and dad. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

I’m sure everything will be ok for Lee, and that sounds great if he can get Guitar lessons, something for him, aww, that’ll be nice.

I know you’re saying about Lee doing the ‘lion’s’ share but I bet he wouldn’t have it any other way, he sounds lovely.

Hope all goes well.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Michelle

Hope it all goes well with Lee today, and I am so pleased to hear that Fraser is doing better now.

Take care and drink plenty of fluids.

Pam x

That all sounds good, hope things go ok for Lee and he gets the lessons

My poor hubby is mainly supported by the promise of wine It think it’s harder for them as they insist on doing an amazing job and don’t want thanks or apologies. We’re about to embark on me trying to be more assertive, so we’ll see before he thinks I’m a demanding b**ch, wish me luck!

Sonia x

Hi Shell, I’ve not been in PPMS for ages, great to read about Lee a nd your encouragement for him to enjoy a hobby.

Has Frazer been poorly? Oooh I could kick myself for not keeping up to date.

I agree totally with Sonia, if tables were turned we’d do exactly the same. Plus, we wouldn’t want thanks or apologies. This PPMS doesn’t make it easy for us to feel dependent on the man we love, whilst we sit reading or on the 'net.

Good luck Sonya in becoming ‘more’ assertive, I bet you never been demanding with your hubby, ah isn’t Love, lovely?

Chrissie xx