carers allowance and the consequences of having it :(

carers benefit - can anyone tell me about the effects claiming it will have on my other benefits such as my housing benefit plz as I am renting right now… ty for all advice given… Anna

If you are wanting to claim carers allowance because you look after somebody who gets PIP or AA you need not to be claiming any other income replacement benefit - JSA, ESA, IS or state pension. If you get one of these benefits they only ever pay the highest one and as carers allowance is a miserable pittance it wouldn’t be paid.

You could be classed as having underlying entitlement which would give you a premium on some other benefits (like housing benefit) and they would pay extra so it’s worth applying even if you don’t get any direct money.

if you are not claiming any of these other benefits and plan to give up work to claim CA it will not have a negative impact on your HB


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