Cardio exercises

Hi, I’ve been trawling the internet to find cardio exercises I can do sitting down or holding on to a chair but not having much luck. I do my physio, some yoga and ballet but need to add some cardio. Any help gratefully received. Oonagh xxxx

The MS Trust is a good place to start and Mr Motivator pops up too.

Hi Oonagh, I play wheelchair basketball. It’s a fantastic cardio workout and obviously you do it sitting down! - just google british wheelchair basketball and you should find the governing body website where you can search for a team near you. Special wheelchairs are provided for you to use so you don’t need to buy anything or commit it you find it’s not for you but why not give it a go. I would highly recommend it.


I use a wheelchair sp I go for sprints, which can get my heart pumping. I’ve also got a dumb bell to do a bit of weight training. I do it sat or lying down, and it can also get me out of breath.



Thank you for your replies, I don’t use a wheelchair (yet) but the basket ball and sprints sounds fun

I’ll have a proper look at the link Whammel (I kinda flicked through it a while ago).

Thank you again