Car tax

Hope this makes sense
Basically I get the higher rate dwp and get free car tax,I had a form that said I am Entitled to free car tax, I took form to post Office they stamped it, car tax was done for the year I did this at the beginning of this year but the date on the form was June 18 , but I am still on higher rate
Was thinking they would send another form out,nothing so what happens now can’t take a out of date form to the post office next year ?

have looked online but getting very confused

Hi, if you still have your certificate of entitlement you can take that to the post office to renew your tax. If you haven’t or you need a new one for any reason just phone the DWP and ask them to send you a new certificate of entitlement for your road tax and they will be happy to send you one (They don’t send them out automatically except when they send an award letter as they have no idea if you are using the tax or when it is due if you know what I mean) Also you can renew you tax online or over the phone- look on at Tax your vehicle - GOV.UK and it tells you exactly what to do.