Capability Grounds by Reason of your Medical Condition

Hi All

Just had the letter from work calling a meeting to discuss terminate employment on capability grounds by reason of your medical condition. Not happy :slight_smile: will to fight this one, they still have to make reasonable adjustments, meeting is May 21st any advice


Hi , can I ask if you are off sick at the moment or have been off sick for a long time, also can you give me some idea of what job you do. Have the company followed their procedure through to get you to this stage? Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl

I have been off work since Aug 2011 to date and work as a tutor in a prison. They have call a third meeting previous meeting we disccused adjustrments, but all i got from my manager was brick walls. They sent me to see a OH to get a report on my MS but they don’t understand MS I think.



take copies of any letters from your neuro. ask your neuro to word it so that a non-expert can underdstand.

good luck - try not to let it stress you out

carole xx

hiya Chris, why fight it, like it or not, there are jobs NOT suitable for folk with MS, I was a joiner, working on sites, could I do the job now, no chance, I was pushed (if that is how you see it) at the right time, I should have left a lot earlier, managed to get a job that was suitable for me, and lasted another 7 working years till even a lowly paid no-brainer job like security was a stuggle for me, except life as it is, and as it comes, brian

Are you fit to go back to work? Do you feel that with reasonable adjustments you will be able to do your job? You have been off work 9 months or so and it is fairly usual for employers to want some kind of resolution at this point.

You need to have a very clear idea of what it will take for you to continue working and what your employer needs to do to make that happen. They can’t opt out and make no effort to change your working practices but neither can you expect the unattainable.

In many ways I agree with Corrie that sometimes it’s just not possible to continue in your job but if it involves things like moving your office to the ground floor or changing your hours then your employer should jolly well do it.