Can't sleep! :-(

Ahhh, I can’t sleep… :frowning: My legs are sooo restless, they feel like legs and the pins&needles in my feet an legs are traveling up to my bum… Legs are actually quite sore, first time legs have kept me awake… Just thought I would post. Sweet dreams all Ash x

Feel like lead**

I am now a happy clonazepam user. It stops your legs twitching at night and makes you sleep like a log. People do get dependant on it - when I tried stopping it took me about three nights to get over the ‘rebound insomnia’ and then about four days before my leg started twitching again and I went back on it. Like I say, I’m a happy user now - the excellent sleep I get on it is worth the worries about dependency.

Hey Jen… I managed to fall asleep about 3:30, put a pillow between my legs. I have just started gabapentin today so hopefully they will kick in soon! The pins&needles are permanently there, but I don’t really notice them during the day… Now I’m into bed and I can notice it more grrrr hopefully not another restless night. Ash x

Going to read up on clonazepam myself. Night x