Can't sell Olympic Ticket (not MS)

I’ve got tickets for the closing ceremony on Sunday. I was under the impression I could submit them for resale up to 5 days prior to the event - i.e. tomorrow.

My mum, who’s been dithering about whether to go or not, finally said no. So I logged on to try to sell her ticket. Only to find resale is no longer available!

With all the scandal about unused seats, wouldn’t you think they’d be making every effort to resell tickets people KNOW they can’t use?

There are still several days before the ceremony - I’m sure someone would like to have that seat, even at this short notice. But there’s no way of doing it.

I phoned the helpline, to see if there was any way round it, and had to sit through about ten minutes of recorded messages, trying to speak to a real person, before being told: “This call will now automatically disconnect”.

So £150 down the pan, because apparently, there’s no way for me to sell. What a damn waste, especially as I’ve just lost my job.

I don’t have a partner or friend who wants to go, so unless I give the ticket to a lucky stranger in the street, the seat will remain empty.

I’m not trying to flog it here, in case the mods get the wrong idea. Just having a rant about how ironic it is that the organisers have promised to deal with the “empty seat” problem, but then make it impossible for people to sell seats, even if they know they won’t be using them.

I think six days is enough for someone who wants to buy one still to have it. My bet is there will still be willing buyers on the day! So why am I being told I can’t sell?