Cannot get to see anyone specially qualified.

Hello, I have read the post from Fordychap and am having not dysimilar issues.

I have had a brain MRI because I am getting headaches in one line on the right side of my head.
But in addition to that I have had tinglyness, a bit like flashing fairylights under the skin since Christmas last year. They have got worse and started in my hands and feet but have been in my legs and arms, with a deep ache in those as well.
I have had what I thought was odd cramp for a while. My toes argue with one another and go in opposite directions, with is very painful and my left hand has one finger that goes down and the rest up, and it takes me a while to get those to stop. Again very painful. These tend to happen in the evening. I am soo tired and have been for a while, just thought I was getting lazy, but oddly I don’t find staying asleep very easy.
I am not asking for people on here to diagnose, but
In July I spoke to a GP on the phone. He did bloods to rule out diabetes and referred me to a Neurologist. In late September, again I had a phone appointment with my GP. She ordered an MRI which has come back with scattered irregular lesions, possibly ischaemic ones, of no obvious origin. She was unaware of my referral. I have been told it will be at least 6 months before I can see a Neuroligist… apparently if I am lucky!! Does this sound like MS? Is there anything anyone can suggest to either be seen or that I can put into practice to help myself to slow things down. I am very scared. Thank you for reading.

Hi @decafftea

I know how frustrating it is to be waiting for appointments when all you want are some answers!

As you’ve said, we can’t diagnose you on here. There are too many overlapping conditions with MS that present similar symptoms. Unfortunately you won’t be able to start any treatment until the docs know what they’re dealing with.

All I can suggest is pushing like mad for an earlier Neuro appointment - or if you can afford it, see them privately - but I realise that isn’t an option for everyone.

I hope you get some answers soon, take care.