Cancelling review appointment?

Originally my review with the neurologist was in a years time. I developed problems with my eye and see an opthomologist. It is probably due to my autoimmune hypothyroidism and a coincidence. The neurologist ordered a lot of blood tests and gave me a review appointment in July. The blood tests are normal, but he is still reviewing me. I’m not sure what the point is and thought about cancelling.

Why would he review if the blood tests are fine and nothing else has changed?

Are you on DMD as I'm sure an annual review is common place?

I wouldnt cancel because if you do you may drop out of the system and have no one there if you do have a bad relapse.

Also it means they have something on record to compare against in the future. It may only be a quick in and out but I personally would go.


Thanks-I was referred for headaches and it turned out my thyroid medication needed to be reviewed as it had suddenly changed again. The 2 lesions they found on the MRI have been said to be ‘currently not MS’ and the review in a year I guess was to see if there were any changes. A lot of my symptoms could be explained by my thyroid.

Im just a bit fed up of all the hospital visits and will have 2 that week and I don’t understand why I need an appointment to be told the results are fine when they’ve already told me in a letter.

Hi ya,

Yes it does get gutty having constant hospital trips. I feel the same way. I just keep telling myself that they're not without reason though.

It's good news that your blood tests have come back okay but not everything can be detected in this way. Being that you've had issues with your eyes as well maybe your neuro is playing it safe in keeping a close eye on things (no pun intended).

I'd keep the appt - even if it's just to err on the side of caution.

Debbie xx


Thanks. I will do. I guess part of me is concerned that there is a reason because reading some threads on here people don’t get follow ups when there is nothing to add.

Hi ya Dm,

Each of our situations are different so it's best not to compare yourself to others too much, plus it sounds like your neuro is doing what he should be doing and keeping an eye on you.

Let us know how you get on when you get a mo'

Good luck!

Debbie xx