Can you lose symptoms during an ongoing relapse


I have just been getting over a relapse that affected me cognitively in a lot of ways, I thought I was out the end, however yesterday I started getting new ones.

This is a new thing for me, I’ve never had symptoms disappear during an ongoing relapse. I’m assuming that it’s the same relapse as there was only a week between the two areas affected and the doctors need at least thirty days symptom free.

Has anyone else had this? Symptoms healing whilst others develop? I can’t understand HOW it’s even possible.

I’ll talk to the MS nurse, neuro, gp tomorrow, but would like a little idea to go in prepared

Many thanks

I’ve had this happen before, yep. My last relapse starting with eyesight problems; double vision cropping up, that wearing off and numbness and walking problems appearing, it had been going on for close to a month before my walking suddenly got worse.

This is definitely possible and has happened to me. Think about the underlying process. Some cells which are part of your immune system (T-cells? maybe I’m imagining I’ve read that) are attacking the myelin lining some of the nerves in your brain or spinal chord. Isn’t it very plausible that the attack in one area dies down, while the attack in another intensifies?

Of course it all sounds like it shouldn’t happen at all. Why should one bit of our body attack another bit? If anyone knew, the doctors might find it easier to find a cure, I guess.

yup… varied and random.

bits of the sprawling network of your nerves get frayed and their messages become muffled. some fix quickly, some more slowly, some seemingly never, all whilst others get damaged for the very first time.

unpredictable and annoying.