Can you help me (young carer) get into writing?

I am a young carer trying to get into jounalism, and am writing about a variety of subjects including MS, which my mum has. PLEASE share and read my blog.

Any advice or topics you would like me to cover are welcome.

Hi Sarah, I think your blog is really excellent. Very readable and interesting topics. It’s not too formal so I can ‘hear your voice’ coming through which is very important in writing.

We often think that our own lives are too boring to write about, but I think very few people understand what a day is like for a young carer like yourself.

Why don’t you have a go at writing ‘A day in the life of a young carer’. Jot down things as they happen during the day and try and write it up into a blog. Remember that sometimes it’s the small details that people find interesting… so something as simple as brushing someone’s hair, and how that makes you feel, can mean much more than trying to explain how it all makes you feel.

Also try and add a bit of humour to it… sometimes even the worst situations can be screamingly funny!

I think you’ve really got a talent so keep at it. Always in your life, whatever you are doing, however boring and every-day it might seem, think about how you could write about it… how you could make it funny or tragic or poignant.

Good luck Sarah. I’m going to tweet your blogspot on Twitter.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and fab new year,

Pat x

Hallo Sarah, your ma and pa must be really proud to have such an intelligent and caring daughter!

Lovely well written blog so do keep it up, as Pat suggested including humour is often a good move, especially as a carer its often the laughter that lightens the load!

Would suggest that you get as much experience as you can with writing. A daily diary could be a good start and even daily trivia may give you inspiration to write a larger piece. Local colleges may have a Creative writing course that will expand your imagination and take you out of your comfort zone,

So you want to be a journalist…why not practice writing journalistic pieces just for fun, even submit them to local papers or magazines and see what feedback you get.

You could Twitter your blog posts to get a wider audience and I would suggest that you follow local papers and media who may begin to notice your writing if you do it on a regular basis.

Have fun with it and Good Luck with your journalistic aspirations

Kate x

Hello Sarah

Perhaps your local MS society has a magazine that would like contributors? There is a mag called Mslexia (thats miss as is miss not ms!) for women who write. Lots of encouragement there. The most recent copy had an article about social media and how effective it is (or otherwise) in selling books.

Good luck

B x

Greetings Sarah, Shimon Haber here.

I liked and shared your blog. You are doing great and if you need some extra tips check out this article Shimon Haber - Trends in Journalism

Shimon Haber