Can stress make you ill?

Hi guys, my sister is not ‘out of the wood’ many thanks for all your good wishes. Why have I been quiet for a while? Sunday night 21:00, weeing blood what a damned fright so on to NHS 24. I have obviously had UTIs before BUT never as bad as this, I’m sitting here in my ‘gownie’ (it’s very nice, fluffy and pink of course) the first antibiotics didn’t work so second lotI’m going back to bed, take care,be safe what a gang we are, drinking plenty of fluids, awash - M

Hi M, I am SO sorry to hear this darling.

YES I do think stress can make you ill… esp with MS. Even a small amount of stress (nothing compared to what you have been through) can make me ill.

Take good care… LOTS of TLC…and sending you lots of ‘get well’ vibes!

When you feel up to it, let us know how you’re doing.

Love Pat xxx

I’m not surprised that gave you a fright! And yes, stress is hard on your body :frowning:

Take some good care of yourself hugs

Sonia xx

I agree with the others, stress can make you ill, and really wind up ms, so take care M.

Drinking lots of water is good, and give yourself plenty of tlc

Pam x

Hi M, l do hope you are feeling better and drinking a lot. cranberry juice is very good for bladder problems. Stress is bad for anyone but people with ms 10 time fold. you keep warm take care regards Jan

Hi M. Sorry to hear about your problems, you’ve really had it rough for a while now. I hope you get chance to have some much needed rest, and yes, fluids and warmth too. An excuse to have a few pyjamas days methinks. Let us know how you get on please, sending gentle hugs.

Cath xx

Thanks guys, my additional delay in getting back to all your kinds messages, I had to get another antibiotic (first one not sorting things) bummer, still feel like hell BUT I am dressed Although I did look pretty in my pjsDrinking so much fluids, I could not get any heat in my body. My electric blanket and my furry dressing gown on top worked, so much so I’m going back to You guys are the best M

Hope you’re better soon M - sounds like a very nasty UTI. Hope the second set of antiBs do the job. Stress is so horrible and can definitely make you ill! Take lots of care and get well! Teresa xx

Hope better soon M and back on those lovely pjs…

Take care hon,

Pat x

What a rotten time you’ve had M, Really hope the new antibiotics do the trick. Take care, Nina x

Hi guys, I managed to open the package around my oatcakes (cellophane) this morning Does this mean the sun has got his hat on? It doesn’t take much to knock us ‘to hell in a hand cart’. I’ve been snuggling up in bed every afternoonwhat a busy day, take care guys, be safe, much M

Yep it can big big time