Can steroids make symptoms worse?

Hi there, I have just had my first course of IV steroids for 3 days (Monday - Wednesday). I felt okay on those days, if a little tired (also had some side effects; metallic taste, insomnia, emotional, nausea), but for the last 2 days I have been feeling really wiped. And worryingly, the numb arm and hand the steroids were meant to be treating seems substantially worse. Can steroids make symptoms worse? Could this just be a temporary side effect? I’ve had the numbness for over 3 months now. My neurologist said she wouldn’t usually prescribe steroids for sensory symptoms, but as it is my right hand/arm and I am right handed she wanted to give it a try.

Im not sure i finished a course of 5 a day for 4 days last saturday and ended up in hospital with a bad relapse sunday til wednesday then got bad with drawal from the steroids all week including a panic attack im still sweating them out now x

Hi.Sorry to hear that the symptoms are worse.This is what I have heard about steroids and their affect on symptoms:Initially when you start your course of IV steroids,symptoms can be lessened because of the anti-inflammatory powers of the steroids ie they mask the symptoms.So often there can be an improvement of symptoms while you follow the IV course.Once the steroid course is over,there is less anti-inflammatory action going on in the body,and the symptoms are no longer masked.I hope that makes sense.

Recovering from a relapse can take a long time You might as well ask,how long is a piece of string.Everyone is different.

Check with your neuro though about your concerns.I might be wrong.

Brenda x